Overwhelmingly major, upbeat, clean female vocal sounds. 
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21:25:25toriborealis: Should be a way to favorite, or re-add or save music for later playing
21:25:37toriborealis: Sometimes songs get stuck?
21:28:06toriborealis: Should be a way to share playlists
21:39:20toriborealis: A way to allow songs to transition into each other
21:45:18toriborealis: Gets stuck on end of songs and I have to skip it
21:54:03toriborealis: Volume equalizer?
20:16:34toriborealis: Easy way to share playlists with friends
21:55:28toriborealis: should definitely let us tip independnet content creators via. soundcloud, youtube, etc. for letting us play this music
18:58:06toriborealis: Literally playing the same song 3 times